FREE Cyber Awareness Campaign Ideas and Resources
The Cyber Awareness Consortium is proud to provide Cyber Awareness Campaign ideas, resources and materials to Consortium Members. Please review and utilize the FREE resources below to help increase cybersecurity awareness within your organization.

2016 Cyber Hero Campaign – Nominate Your “Cyber Hero” Today!

Interested organizations can nominate a person (or team) within their organization to distribute and broadcast cybersecurity best practices and information to employees. The Cyber-Hero(s) will help promote and increase awareness around how to protect corporate and customer information and reduce cyber-threats. The Cyber-Hero can also form Hero-Squads – that include groups of internal “heroes” or employees that demonstrate effective Cyber-Hygiene and adherence of internal policies. Hero-Squad certificates and awards can be provided to help drive grass roots involvement and promotion of Cyber-Hygiene best practices.

Cyber-Hero Tag Lines

  • Become a Cyber-Hero Today!
  • Build your own cool kids group: Join a Cyber-Squad Today!
  • Yes, you too can be a superhero: Become a Cyber-Hero Today!


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